Happy Memorial Day

American flags flying in front of military grave stones.

On this special day we remember those who gave their lives for our country. We honor these fighting men and women best by continuing to build a country they would be proud to have served. This is a call to action. Simply, BE HEALTHY.

Our minds and bodies, part of the same entity, are tied integrally together. There is no underestimating how important it is to be happy, in order to be healthy. The goal is to live longer, and the strategies are numerous. Otherwise this would be a very short group of messages. The need to be happy in order to be healthy is not a new concept. At the turn of the last century, John Harvey Kellogg was passionate about health and ran a health spa known simply as "the San." Every day his patients would gather for laugh therapy. No matter your mood, when you finished this therapy you felt better. This therapy, while not well documented clinically, has been used for millennia to stress, depression and nervous ailments. These are often considered the foundations of ill health.

Smiling is said to release endorphins. This was first studied in 1974 by Laird. I've tried it myself. When I'm feeling a little low, and I feel the corners of my mouth at about the level of my shoulders, I do my best to smile. Sometimes it's harder than it seems. But, after a while, it seems to work. I start feeling better and the smile is no longer forced.

Belief is the cornerstone of ability. We do what we believe we can do. In medicine the placebo effect is well-documented. We believe the therapy we are undergoing is going to help us, and so it does. Believe in yourself. Believe in your own health. Believe that today will be a wonderful day, and that you will do your best to make it wonderful for those around you. If you're still having trouble, search Google for EFT Tapping and give that a try. There are a number of YouTube videos that can get you started.

We honor those who have given their lives so that we can live freely by doing just that, living freely. I honor each and every one of you and dedicate myself to your health, because I believe in you.


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Posted by Ted Coombs

Ted Coombs
Ted Coombs is a medical anthropologist, futurist and author who is passionate about health through knowledge.